Thursday, 2 August 2012

Grow Socially Inc. Publishes White Paper Regarding Certain Printing Experts Use of Pinterest

There have been reports that the printing industry will take a big hit in the future because so many things are going online. While this is already partly true, some companies and manufacturers have found ways to recover. Of course there are also businesses trying to help out the printing industry as there are still a lot of benefits to having printed materials. This is something that will never fully be eliminated.

Grow Socially Inc. is one of the companies that is giving some ideas to those in the printing industry - specifically to tag and color label printers. They have published a white paper offering tips and hints to these printers to give them ideas on how to use the newer social network, Pinterest, to their advantage.

Pinterest is relatively new when compared to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The co-founders, Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp, have created a system where individuals pin pictures to something that appears similar to a bulletin board. When you click on the picture, you see an enlarged image but you also gain access to the link of the website.

There are various critical points that are included in this white paper concerning the use of Pinterest. It first goes through the terminology that is used by that social network. The white paper then proceeds through the various statistics of Pinterest, proving the views, ratings, number of users, and other such things.

There are other essential areas that are talked about in this document such as how to set up a visual gallery. Of course for individuals in the tag and label printing industry, this type of gallery is perfect for displaying their work. It is a great system for promotion. The instructions are included not only for creating this gallery but how to create it in the best way possible to gain the most exposure.

The second last section of this document includes how to build a profile using various types of media. You can promote your art and displays using the images but also through your profile. To get the most of this free network, it is advised to create a good profile integrating various types of media.

Of course, the last section is not by any means the one of least value. This part has tips for the best strategies to use, various pieces of advice, and lists of best practices, among other things. Including information on where to get cheap color copies.

David Platz, the Business Development Executive of Grow Socially wrote this white paper because he wanted to help out these tag and label printers. He firmly believes that these individuals have a lot of potential for growth within this social network. While other social networks can have an impact, because of design of this particular one, it can be so much more useful than the others.

This white paper is called 5 Ways Tag and Label Printers Can Utilize Pinterest. It is available for free download online at This is something that many individuals in the printing industry can benefit from and they are highly recommended to check it out.